Precious, thesis work

Year: 2008
Client: -
Designer: Staffan Holm
Materials: Porslean, ceramic, 3d printed plastic, pewter, silver, 24k gold leaf, wooden furniture

The Precious project is about the patina of sentimental objects. Personal artefacts often increase in emotional value, so when they break, the effect can be quite disheartening. Holm suggests that repairs be made with material worthy of the artefact, in line with its new value. The relationship with the object has not ended, but a new chapter has begun. The nautilus shell that marks the travels of a loved one is repaired with silver; all that is left of a Chinese vase is the repair material and one last shard of porcelain; a favorite wooden chair welcomes pewter to take it further; and porcelain pieces take on new life with the addition of gold plating. A dirty wooden stool gets its lower part of its leg replaced by 3d printed titanium and a ceramic vessel gets repaired with 3d printed plastic.

The project is a investigation in repairing techniques that can add to the emotional value of an artifact and resulted in eight different pieces shown at the Röhsska design museum, Gothenburg and at Design Huis, Eindhoven 2008.