Kumiko cabinets

Year: 2017
Designer: Staffan Holm
Producer: Ariake Collection (JPN)
Kumiko low cabinet (1160 x 450 x 730)

Size: (mm,w,d,h)
Kumiko cabinet (1450 x 450 x 1450)
Kumiko high cabinet (1160 x 450 x 1800)
Kumiko low cabinet (1160 x 450 x 730)

Material: Hinoki, Sumi ink stained ash, brass fittings

If you ever visit Japan,
you will probably encounter the fantastic craftsmanship
that can be seen in the traditional art of Kumiko screens.
The wooden screens are often used as privacy screens and or
room dividers and can be very simple or consist of incredibly
intricate geometric patterns.

The Kumiko cabinets are inspired by the graphic expression and craftsmanship and I wanted to combine the simplistic Japanese and Scandinavian expressions into new form.

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