Beam table

Year: 2018
Designer: Staffan Holm
Producer: Abstracta
Materials: Anodized or powder coated extruded aluminum, Sound absorbing/sound mitigating table top in Abstractas patented material Strata

(WxHxD mm)



Sound scapeing

Using a Jetty 2400x1200x740 equals the same sound absorbing effect as 10 sqm of wall sound absorbers.

Jetty comes in two widths, two heights and two lengths. It is possible to add more sections for extremely long tables. Use Jetty as conference table, co-working table or a high meeting table.

The problem with most tables is that they are rather loud. Hard table tops reflect and amplify ambient noise through the acoustics in the wood. Jetty is therefore fitted with the Abstracta patented Strata tabletop. There are several other sound mitigating materials on the market but Strata is the only material that breaks the materials acoustic properties. Strata is composed of several layers of natural materials that has been cut in a way so that acoustics cannot travel inside the core wood. The cuts and material layers interact to absorb ambient noise while dampening sound emanating from the table through use. Jetty appeals with a simplicity that feels more Japanese than typically Scandinavian, and which is found in other works by Holm.


Link to Presskit, Link to lab sound tests, Assembly instructions, 2D/3D Bim objects