The Finnish/Swedish design brand One Nordic has come up as a breath of fresh air with new ideas about how to buy and sell furniture.


One Nordics innovative approach to unassembled quality furniture creates many opportunities for designers with a weakness for quirky solutions.

I was intrigued when I was challenged to develop a shelf system, minimal in transportation size with no hassle assembly and a modern timeless appearance. The inspiration immediately turned to extendable scissor lift trucks. The genius construction lets the shelf become fully extracted in a matter of seconds and gives the shelf its special appearance.

The system can be freestanding, built in all directions or hung from the wall, making it a formidable resource when planning a home, office or restaurant.

Looking forward so meeting you in Stockholm Furniture Fair at the One Nordic stand in A07:20

  • LIFT shelf
  • Date: 2013
  • Designer: Staffan Holm
  • Producer: One nordic furniture company